Program Details

Since 1981, Interact Performance Systems has been deliberate in using sustainable skills that anyone in business can take advantage of. We believe in teaching "people skills learned right, not rote." 

The goal of our training programs is to increase performance and improve your organization's bottom line. Performance always comes down to individuals and their ability to execute. We help individual managers and employees succeed by teaching them better people skills to improve interpersonal interaction and create a more productive working environment.

Women Working - Management Training

Proven Results

Participants and trainers give high ratings to our programs because we address the common complaints expressed within training. We use proven techniques and have won Stanford University's award for Industry Education Innovation. Past clients have operated in various fields, such as:


• Manufacturing
• Government

• Healthcare
• Call Centers

• Software Development
• Insurance
• Sales

• Marketing

• Finance

Peer-to-Peer Training

We also offer peer-to-peer training. This service is ideal for leads, sales teams, or groups of engineers.

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