Conflict Management™

Confrontation is the twin side of collaboration. As organizations become more open, introducing involvement and teams, they soon find that they have more people struggling with more points of view and decisions than ever before. And many of the traditional sanctions against speaking one’s mind have vanished. This creative atmosphere can be poisoned by disagreements that turn into confrontations and accusations.

Confrontations are an inevitable part of involvement. Employees who work in involving organizations need to have skills for handling confrontations and for redirecting conflict into collaboration.

In this conflict resolution program, participants learn how to control their own anger, how to work with people who are too angry to be rational, how to respond to unfair accusations, how to find common ground, and how to work through the logic of a disagreement.

Conflict Management is designed for a broad audience-managers, supervisors and employees. Its goal is not to eliminate disagreements--disagreements are the raw material of good decisions--but to resolve the confrontations that happen when disagreements get out of hand.


Learning Outcomes

  • Defuse an angry situation
  • Control their own temper
  • Find win?win solutions
  • Disagree without creating defensiveness
  • Maintain open communication
  • Analyze the logic of arguments
  • Resolve conflicts between two other team members