Video Training

Using a combination of thought-provoking video, engaging practice, and concrete applications we make it easy to learn complex skills and apply what you learn. We give specific instructions about what to look for and what to do in all sorts of situations. There are three features of Interact’s video that make it especially effective:

Uses many brief scenes per session: Each session has 8 to 10 scenes  that are less than 30 seconds in length, allowing it to make a single point that drives it home in a direct way participants can understand. With this, you receive more participation and discussion that focuses on the subtle features oftehn times overlooked in longer scenes. 

Highlights common pitfalls: We make the essential features of a skill clear by showing what happens when the feature is done correctly and when it is changed or left out. Due to the complexity of the skills, it is important to know both the right and wrong way so that you can be sensitive enough to realize the nuances of human interaction.

Demonstrates the skills in a wide variety of settings: Research shows that participants usually only see skills modeled in a few settings. They are usually accountants dealing with issues of direct reports, or absenteeism, never really relating to the participant (unless they are accountants). They naturally assume that the skills ONLY work in these few settings. Since we know every situation is unique, we model th eskills in a diverse setting to break the artificial barriers that prevents people from applying the skills to their personal situation.