Case Studies

Federal Reserve Bank - Performance Problem Solving

A regional bank of the Federal Reserve wanted to address their TURNOVER and MORALE issues. They had professional employees who felt undervalued relative to their counterparts.  More specifically, they found that their blue collar employees - fork lift operators, guards, and maintenance techs - felt like second-class citizens among the economists and financial specialists at the bank. With high turnover effecting their recruiting/training costs and low morale effecting productivity levels, solving these internal issues became a key focus. A Human Resources group found the source of the problem was from inexperienced managers making inconsistent decisions, resulting in a divide of the company. Interact worked with this Human Resources Group, implementing “Performance Problem Solving,” a training program focused on teaching the skills needed to solve the everyday people problems that normally undercut performance. As a result, the managers were able to identify/diagnose problems and consistently navigate to a fair solution that everyone could agree on. The Federal Reserve was so pleased with the success of the program; they eventually implemented it throughout the whole region.

Fortune 100 Insurance Company - Performance Management

A Fortune 100 Insurance Company had approached Interact because many of their employees were NOT CONSISTENTLY MEETING OBJECTIVES and were UNAWARE OF HOW THEY COULD IMPROVE to meet those objectives. In interviews, managers even stated that their appraisal system was a little more than a paper exercise, focused on justifying ratings as opposed to improving performance. In an effort to increase their performance, they sought out a company that was successful in providing a system effective in setting expectations, reviewing past performance, and holding people accountable. Interact soon became involved with their Human Resources Department, employing the “Performance Management” Program. Working in conjunction with the HR department, we created a customized system and developed a training program that emphasized coaching and performance in their organization. Managers are now able to work with their team to identify the most important objectives, communicate performance factors, and hold people accountable. All of this resulted in their employees more consistently reaching their objectives. Pleased with the outcome, this company has been using these changes for more than ten years. As a regional vice president put it, “we put the management back into performance management.”

Government Agency - Conflict Management

A US Government Agency approached Interact about teaching their bank examiners how to address conflict and turn disagreements into positive results. These people are usually sent into a bank when it is accused of some sort of wrongdoing, subsequently they would run into a little hostility. Sometimes the examination process created conflict with the bank officers for one of two reasons. Either they were angry for being accused of something they did not do or, actually did something wrong and do not want to be exposed. Either way, these officers were unhappy and used their political connections doing everything possible to make these bank examiner’s lives unhappy. As a result, these examiners were under constant scrutiny, with people constantly trying to find a reason to discredit their reports. Disgruntled, they felt the agency was not giving them the proper protection, causing a HIGH TURNOVER RATE and a plethora of HARRASMENT CLAIMS. Interact worked with this agency through the “Conflict Management” Program, resulting in participants learning how to defuse angry situations, analyze the logic of arguments, and resolve conflicts with a win-win solution. After the training was completed, morale and retention had significantly improved, with discrimination and harassment complaints dropped. This course became the most sought-after training within the agency, with more than 500 people trained. 

Fortune 100 Tech Company - Managing Beyond Authority

A Fortune 100 Tech Company contacted Interact to help them with their PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS. Project managers in this firm often missed deadlines, went over budget, and failed to meet specs. The problem was that they managed teams consisting of independent contractors and managers higher than them in the hierarchy. In addition to this, everyone was working remotely, never allowing the project managers to make an in-person connection with their team. This required a need for a different kind of leadership, one that doesn’t rely on positional power but instead, organically achieves results. Interact had the perfect training for this situation in the “Managing Beyond Authority” program.  The project managers were able to reach their objectives, without having to lean on positional power. They even were able to keep their superiors on task if they were letting things slip. In this company, Managing Beyond Authority received the highest ratings any training program had ever received, with managers reporting significant improvements in cycle time and overall program integration.