Performance Management™

Learn how to build the skills managers and employees need in order to succeed in the workplace. You will learn how to establish clear and motivating expectations, coach and support one another in a team environment, and provide honest and helpful feedback. You will be able to use these skills not only during formal planning,  but also at any opportunity you have for a quick discussion with any of your team members.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the 5-7 most important objectives that each of their employees has.
  • Link objectives to customers, strategic initiatives, development, and the job in a way that makes mundane objectives more motivating.
  • Explain and write objectives in a way that is specific and measurable.
  • Involve employees or team members in participative objective setting.
  • Communicate performance factors (such as judgment, leadership, and initiative) in a way that builds skills and motivation.
  • Create development plans that include specific timelines, resources, and outcomes.
  • Build coaching time into each workday.
  • Use recognition with the bottom 80%, not just the top 20%, of the workforce.
  • Coach without creating hostility or defensiveness.
  • Prepare for and conduct a performance review.
  • Give accurate and fair performance feedback.
  • Explain the reasons for evaluations in ways that help employees develop.
  • Deal with strong reactions during performance review