Performance Problem Solving™

This program trains participants how to solve the everyday "people" problems that undercut performance. The key to success for this program is attributed to its systems of thinking and decision model, rather than ordinary action steps. By learning the extra step of how to diagnose the performance problem symptoms, participants learn to carefully navigate through the decision model and solve the issue most effectively. This approach allows participants to go beyond just simple listening, communication, and feedback skills. Instead, it trains a mindset that allows them to solve the tough business problems, the ones that make a difference on your bottom line.

Learning Outcomes

  • Confront performance problems without creating defensiveness
  • Diagnose whether problems are due to ability (internal skills or external obstacles) or motivation (person doesn't understand the impacts or doesn't care about them)
  • Resolve motivation problems-explain the reasons behind priorities and get the other person to explain the reasons behind their different priorities
  • Resolve ability problems-seek input, establish criteria, evaluate options
  • Involve managers, peers, customers, suppliers and employees in participative problem solving
  • Set clear action plans and follow-up times
  • Use a range of listening skills to reduce anger and defensiveness 
  • Use positive reinforcement to build and support performance