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Begin your journey towards improvement with sustainable interpersonal relationships and communication frameworks. 

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We combine thought-provoking videos, practice, concrete applications and decades of experience in the interpersonal arena to provide participants with intercommunication skills and empower them to make a meaningful impact in their workplace, community, and family.


Performance Problem Solving

Interact trains participants to identify and analyze the root cause of performance-hindering problems and provides methods to solve them.

Conflict Management

Our training program instructs managers, supervisors, and employees on how to resolve conflicts rationally.

MBA Managing Beyond Authority

We help participants master the art of influencing and managing people without exercising their authority.

Performance Management

Interact’s performance management program teaches managers to set expectations, coach, train, and provide feedback to subordinates.

Team Consensus

Our team consensus training equips every individual to play an active role in the team’s final decision.

Team Process

We help team members understand each other’s roles and support each other to achieve organizational goals.

Team Builder

We use team-building exercises that help participants learn to utilize each other’s strengths to achieve the team’s collective goals.

Custom Solutions

At Interact Performance Systems, we understand your organization’s needs and design customized solutions.


It is all about the “TEAM”. Using decades of experience in developing, designing, implementing, and evaluating training programs, the Interact Team will help you identify enhancements that empower your instructors, trainers, coaches and mentors.

Instructor Training

Training is what makes you, your people, and your organization function. The better the training, the better the people. The better the people, the better the organization. The better the organization, the more successful you are.

Diversity and Inclusion Competency

To meet the demands of today’s work environment and to truly achieve success, we need to shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices. We have to know what is inclusive, and what will attract a diverse workforce.


Leadership Development

Leaders who are wanting to operate at the highest level of emotional intelligence and their leadership capacity, develop the tools and skills to be the best in the world at coaching themselves and lead others into growth and clarity.

Our Process



The first step in our training process is making participants understand the core concepts of complex skills through instructional videos.


We use structured roleplay and cue cards to help participants understand how to implement the skills acquired in training.


We employ reality anchors to evaluate how well the participants use their newly developed skills to tackle real-life situations.


The final step in our training process is understanding whether a participant can identify the opportunities to implement the skills in real life.


The world we live in is rapidly changing, and with it, the way we train – and the way we communicate. Interact is leading the training delivery space with proprietary tools that can provide you and your organization with:

  • Mobile training – Training on the go or training literally on their mobile devices.
  • Anywhere Training – Indoor or outdoor, without the limitation of the internet stability through our exclusive technology.
  • Interactive Training – No matter where your staff may be working from, providing video conference and skills assessment at the same time through our exclusive Learning Management System.
  • Far Reaching Training – A greater reach to more employees at their convenience and flexibility, at a fraction of the cost of traditional training programs.

All while increasing your organization’s performance and decreasing your personnel costs.

We can tailor the delivery of our training program to meet your needs and deliver courses through these methodologies, either individually or as a hybrid mix of delivery tools:

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) through our cadre of professionals
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) or Synchronous training through our experienced team who has operated in the virtual space for over a decade.
  • Asynchronous Training Courses designed and delivered through our exclusive Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Unlimited access to our LMS for you to administer, manage and monitor your personnel and their Interaction with the training programs, be they Interact programs or any other training curricula.

Find out more about how we can “Interact,” and bring your interpersonal skills training (and your organization) to the next level of performance.

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