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Leadership Virtual Cohort

Next month’s Cohorts are beginning now!

Our Leadership Cohort is  twelve month program for leaders who are wanting to operate at the highest level of emotional intelligence and their leadership capacity. They develop the tools and skills to be the best in the world at coaching themselves and lead others into growth and clarity. We believe Self-Coaching Leaders are the best leaders.

Included is a weekly one-hour coaching session

Your Cohort Coach will guide you and other participating leaders through our “Core Toolkit” over a twelve-month term. These tools are vital in providing the paradigms and practices to operate from a position of clarity, confidence and courage in any context. You will become a better leader across every area of your life.

  • Reproduce your skills and expertise in those you lead and train
  • Make the best decisions and proactively work through conflict
  • Assess your team’s leadership engine and strategize how to recruit, train, deploy and review other empowered leaders
  • Assess and identify the current position of any team member on their development journey and understand the necessary posture of leadership to maximize growth
  • Regularly identify and engage opportunities for personal, culture and organizational transformation
  • Calibrate the necessary connection and challenge that growth necessitates
  • Create and nurture productive partnerships, both inside and outside your organization, built on trust
  • Promote emotional, relational, mental and physical health while embracing the necessary rhythms that lead to a more productive life and culture
  • Take inventory of your personal and team’s investments of time, energy and other resources in order to recalibrate your investment strategy and maximize your return
  • Lead well-rounded reviews for your teams or organization


For special group discounts, contact us at InterInfo@inter-ps.com 

Conflict Management

AUGUST CLASSES ARE FULL (waiting list available – contact us at InterInfo@inter-ps.com)

This one cay Conflict Management course teaches participants how to turn explosive situations into positive business results.

Confrontation is the twin side of collaboration. As organizations become more open, introducing involvement and teams, they soon find that they have more people struggling with more points of view and decisions than ever before. And many of the traditional sanctions against speaking one’s mind have vanished. This creative atmosphere can be poisoned by disagreements that turn into confrontations and accusations. Confrontations are an inevitable part of involvement. Employees who work in evolving organizations need to have skills for handling confrontations and for redirecting conflict into collaboration.

In Conflict Management, participants learn how to control their own anger, how to work with people who are too angry to be rational, how to respond to unfair accusations, how to find common ground, and how to work through the logic of a disagreement.

Conflict Management is designed for a broad audience — managers, supervisors and employees. Its goal is not to eliminate disagreements (disagreements are the raw material of good decisions), but to resolve the confrontations that happen when disagreements get out of hand.

At the conclusion of the one day session, participants are able to:

          • Defuse an angry situation.
          • Control their own temper.
          • Find win-win solutions.
          • Disagree without creating defensiveness.
          • Maintain open communication.
          • Analyze the logic of arguments.
          • Resolve conflicts between two other team members.

Performance Problem Solving – Next Virtual Instructor Delivered Class

Next Class Begins August 31st, from 5PM to 9PM EDT/2PM-6 PM PDT

Even the most carefully set plans need to be managed, and the people responsible for managing those plans need to be able to adapt to the situations – and enable their teams to adapt as well. Each session of this program will build the coaching skills you can use to make sure that plans turn into results. Some of these skills will focus on problems that can derail your plans, like an employee who fails to deliver on a deadline, or a manager who cuts the budget for your project, or a support group that doesn’t come through on their support. Other skills will focus on encouraging performance that’s on track and keeping objectives current.

The Performance Problem Solving course begins with a set of problem-solving skills, skills you can use when people are doing things that don’t match your expectations. While most of us face minor bugs, glitches, and predicaments every day, we’ll examine how most of these problems are related to misunderstandings and disagreements with the people around us. We will build a set of skills for working through these routine, and sometimes aggravating, “people problems.”

The Performance Problem Solving (PPS) course breaks into component parts the skills which top-rated problem solvers employ, and teaches these skills in the sequence listed below.

  • Part 1: Communicating the Situation. You will see how to discuss a problem without creating new problems. And you will learn how to encourage good performance when you see it.
  • Part 2: Solving Motivation Problems. You will learn how to communicate the consequences of a problem situation and how to get agreement.
  • Part 3: Solving Ability Problems. Here you will examine how to get a problem solved when a person wants to do something but is prevented from doing it. You will see how to find long-term solutions after you have reached agreement on short-term answers.
  • Part 4: Dealing with Emergent Problems. Here you deal with a variety of problems that arise during the problem-solving process. You will learn how to cope with anger and other problems that come up in the middle of problem solving.
  • Part 5: Refining and Extending Problem-Solving Skills. You will also learn how to apply these valuable skills to new areas—that extend beyond problem solving.

The Virtually Delivered course will be broken into four separate four-hour sessions. Tuesday and Thursday of one week, and Tuesday and Thursday of the next week.


To have the class delivered at your place of work, contact us at InterInfo@inter-ps.com

Strategic Coaching

Sign up for sessions beginning in August!

Strategic Coaching is for teams and business owners who know that in order to grow their business in a way that is sustainable, they need to strategically define and build their culture. As Peter Drucker reminds us, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” So why not be strategic about our culture?

Delivered one-on-one sessions with a leadership coach and you, over a 90 day period you will follow a unique program follow, yet tried and true three-fold process:

  1. Cultural Diagnostic and Strategic Plan – A one-day step-back with a business leader/leadership team to see what is (the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly) then identify what could be and develop a simple strategic plan that will attach our efforts over the next 90 days to where we want to be in the next 3 years.
  2. Vision Framework – A single, coherent vision propels teams toward intended growth and goals. Our coaches will work with you to define a robust vision statement as well as a set of applicable values that will translate across every aspect of your business. Like one of our clients remarked, “I love having defined values now. They make our decisions before we have to make our decisions.”
  3. Leadership Pipeline – A simple and measurable strategy to recruit the best talent that uniquely fits within your team, train them in the culture and competencies that are going to yield the best results, deepen them so that they yield the best ROI and review them without the stuffiness that comes with that standard annual review cycle. The reproduction of leaders is crucial for the health and scalability of any organization.


    Diversity and Inclusion Competency Training

    How does one deal with diversity and inclusion conflicts at work, at school, or in other settings? What’s the deal with pronouns? Are they important? How does LGBT+ inclusion enhance communities, workplaces, and environments? What can I say, or not say? What can I do, or not do? What is right, and what is not so right?

    All of these questions are popping up in every business, every school, every public service and government office, every police department, every healthcare facility – even in every church community. And as we look at June being Pride Month, maybe it’s a good time to look at ourselves and answer some of those questions for our organization, our team, and our community.

    Join us for a four-hour virtual training session, led our partners at the Welcome Project PA for a practical, interactive training for schools, companies, medical campuses, nonprofits, religious institutions, and other settings, led by LGBT+ identifying individuals. The purpose of the training is to introduce LGBTQIA+ terminology to help create more inclusive, knowledgeable, and welcoming spaces, and to offer practical suggestions and best practices for better allyship, in an interactive format, providing space for questions and providing resources for ongoing learning.


    To have the class delivered at your place of work, contact us at InterInfo@inter-ps.com 

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