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Professional Training and Coaching

At Interact Performance Systems, we use expert training techniques, founded in four decades of demonstrated best practices to help you and your organization improve your interpersonal skills.



Our engaging and thought-provoking videos provide clear examples which demonstrate how each skill is used so participants can see the application of skills in realistic settings.


Our commitment to transferring skills after the training is achieved through the use of structured rehearsals and reality anchors. This practice in a safe environment with quality coaching builds confidence for confronting the real-life situations they are facing.


Our programs are most effective when they advance the business/operational objectives of your organization. We’ll partner with you to ensure that the training fits your needs and culture so that you achieve the success you desire.

Our Services

Interact inspires people to create a positive impact within their workplace, family, and community. We have been empowering individuals and organizations since 1981.

Performance Problem Solving

We train individuals to lead out in identifying, addressing, and resolving issues that are getting in the way of optimal productivity – and building relationships in the process.

Conflict Management

Our conflict management training equips participants to bring down the intensity of debilitating disagreements or confrontations, and maximize the positive outcomes for all parties involved, in the workplace or in public safety interactions.

MBA Managing Beyond Authority

Navigating complex projects, achieving mission objectives and meeting deadlines is often the responsibility of team members who have no line authority. This program provides a toolkit of skills that can be used to influence anyone in the organization, overcome obstacles, and achieve greater success together.

Instructor Development and Coaching

Training is what makes you, your people, and your organization function. The better the training, the better the people. The better the people, the better the organization. The better the organization, the more successful you are.

Diversity and Inclusion Competency

To meet the demands of today’s work environment and to truly achieve success, we need to shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices. We have to know what is inclusive, and what will attract a diverse workforce.

Leadership Development

Leaders who are wanting to operate at the highest level of emotional intelligence and their leadership capacity, develop the tools and skills to be the best in the world at coaching themselves and lead others into growth and clarity.

Performance Management

This training teaches the skills beyond just the annual appraisal and expands how a manager can stay engaged with the development of an individual throughout the year as a coach and mentor.


Using decades of experience in developing, designing, implementing and evaluating training programs throughout the world, the Interact Team will work with your leadership and training staff to assess existing programs, recommend enhancements, design custom tailored solutions and empower your instructors, trainers, and coaches.

Our Specialties

We focus on helping people be more effective by enhancing their ability to communicate, respond, and resolve problems. Our skills give the confidence and ability to address difficult situations and manage the interaction. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations and millions of individuals build better interpersonal relationships and achieve success in both business and personal settings.

Interact Performance Systems was built to support and improve organizational, individual, and community cultures. We enhance our clients’ ability to solve problems, stimulate teamwork, manage projects, and connect with people.

Interpersonal skills are a fabric of our being, and now more than ever, effective communication skills are a critical component to our personal, national and global success. From family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies, from public safety organizations at the local, county and state levels, to multiple departments at the federal level, from health care institutions throughout North America to educational institutions at all levels of learning, – Interaction through sound communication, team building and problem-solving skills are essential foundational pieces to our future.

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building
  • Improving Workplace Culture
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